St Andrews Medical Foundation

Welcome to St. Andrews Hospital Foundation, Inc.

The idea of establishing a Foundation to support and promote health for all residents of St. Andrew Parish in Dominica emanated out of discussion amongst two persons (Neal Nixon and Audwin Hamlet) hailing from St. Andrew Parish. The primary motivation for establishing the group was lack of services, deterioration of health centers and closure of the Marigot hospital. In association with the following persons from the St. Andrew parish several others with similar goals, discussion on establishing the group was initiated on November 5, 2017. The other participants were Fern (Sandra) Green, Ora Matthew, Windith Riviere, Cherry Peters, Trevor Thomas and Leighon James. SAHF was registered as non-profit corporation in the Georgia, USA on February 2018. The group is also has public charity, 501(c) (3) status.

To raise funds for medical equipment, supplies and facilities to improve the general welfare of patients, staff and residents of the St. Andrew Parish in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The foundation also hopes to develop friends of the parish to support the funding of medical supplies and equipment and promote the general welfare of patients and staff in health Care Faculties in St. Andrew Parish in Dominica.

The vision of the St. Andrew's Hospital Foundation is to ensure that all Residents of St. Andrew parish in the Commonwealth of Dominica has access to high quality health care services. The groups will work with community and other non-governmental organization in the USA, Dominica and globally to realize its vision.

Several activities are planned to realize the goals of the organization in the short to medium term.
a) Promotional drives for interested individuals and families to donate funds and supplies to benefit St. Andrew's Health District in Dominica.
b) Grants / Proposals to Service / philanthropic organizations supportive of goals and efforts similar to SAHF
c) Fund Raising drives
d) SAHF will accept funds and material from Community Support groups / Friends of SAHF to benefits persons back in Dominica