St Andrews Medical Foundation

Pictures Of Mayfest 2023 Marigot Dominica

Health fair kicked off at about 10:45 a.m and went on to 4 pm

The services provided
Pap smear
Prostrate check
Glucose testing
Blood pressure testing
Health Education - nutrition, hiv and sex education etc
Medication management -Fresh Market
Cholesterol testing (the machine did not work)
General Medical consultation
Environmental Health
Physical Therapy

Just over 50 persons ranging from early 20's to 80 attended the activity. All attendees had their glucose levels , blood pressure, and BMI checked. Unfortunately, the cholesterol monitors did not work. The PAP smear and physio therapy were in high demand. However, persons got prostrate exams, did consultations with doctors, and visited the environmental health, and the health education, sex education and counseling were also visited.

Fresh Market did an education sessions after which questions were asked and winners were rewarded.